Fear keeps us from living our lives to the fullest but it does keep us very safe. Fear keeps you from jumping out of a plane. Fear keeps you from getting on a roller coaster. Fear keeps you from losing your life. The word fear is in the Bible 330 times in the New Living Translation. Most of these cases the word fear is either used to say do not fear this situation or the fear of God. It is interesting for me that most of the time my fears are really for no reason. Fear usually creeps in on me when I view my life through a microscope rather than through a wide angle lens.

When I view my life through a microscope I get really nervous because I forget where I have come from and can not see where I am going. Everything moves faster in the microscope. Everything becomes and emergency. When I view my life this way there is very little room for God to work because I am to busy trying to control everything and fix my circumstances. I start to lean on my own understanding and strength. When I operate like this I make safe easy decisions. When I lose site of the foundation in my life and remember all that God has done for me I become crippled by fear. When I lose sight of God’s calling in my life and I don’t believe he will provide I become completely afraid to take another step.

I have learned I am far more willing to not let fear drive my life when I step back from my current situation and take a wide angle look at my life. It’s only then all my fears become nothing but an opportunity to learn and grow if I am willing to take them head on. When I step back and remember all the miraculous ways God has provided for me it gives me courage. When I remember how much God loves me and wants what it best for me, it gives me strength. When I believe God has a plan for me I can take a courageous step toward the best life God has for me. When I view my life the way God sees my life my fears really become nothing.

Really, what do you have to fear if God is on your side? You have nothing to fear because the creator of the universe is for you. Don’t let your view keep you afraid of the future. Change your perspective. There is no greater way to do this than to read God’s words to us. Click this link and read through some of these verse on fear. I hope it changes your view.

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