“I’ve never seen the wind. I’ve seen the effects of the wind but I have never seen the wind. There is a mystery to it.” -Billy Graham

Seeing is believing. If I can test it, see it, touch it, feel it and study it then I will believe it. But Billy Graham makes a good point. We all believe in the wind even though we have never seen it. There are just somethings in this life that are a mystery to us. I don’t know about you but that is completely okay with me because I know I am not the one who is in control. I know there is a creator who has a plan and I trust him. Here is what I am talking about.

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord.

“And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.

9 For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,

so my ways are higher than your ways

and my thoughts higher than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9

God is bigger than we can ever imagine. His ways are more complex than we could ever perceive. He has a plan for everything that is created or ever will be created. You think your job description is tough. There are times where God does things that go far beyond what we could ever think of doing. In this series we have been digging into the story of Jesus’ disciples stranded on a boat in a storm and Jesus walks on the water to rescue them. Yeah Jesus walked on water. Crazy right. Here is something crazier one of his disciples believes he can do what Jesus does. One of the disciples believes he can do the impossible. One out of the twelve believes his thoughts are not like Jesus’ thoughts. One of them believes Jesus’ ways are higher than his ways. One of them gets up enough courage to put his beliefs into action. So Peter kicks his feet over the edge and actually walks on water! He takes a few steps on the water then he becomes frightened and starts sinking. Jesus saves him and makes everything better. But something miraculous happened in Peter that night on the lake.

Peter saw the impossible and believed he could do the impossible. No way Peter could scientifically explain how Jesus was walking on the water. No way he could have come up with this idea on his own. He had spent his whole life fishing and he was very well educated on how water works, so he probably never thought of walking on water. But something triggered in him that night that he could do the impossible.

I hope when you are presented with the opportunity to do the impossible you are not like the other 11 guys curled up in the bottom of the boat in fear for your life. I hope you don’t pass on the impossible because you can’t see the possible.

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