If you could do anything in your life, what would it be? What’s your dream job? Close your eyes. Picture 5 years from now. Money isn’t an issue. Neither is time, skill-level, anything like that. What do you see yourself doing? This is your DREAM. Oftentimes, it is much more than a dream, it’s what you were made to do. Now, the tricky part. How do you get there? While it is tempting to think that the most effective way to reach your goals is to drop everything you are doing and start spending every available second working on something related to your dream, this usually does more harm than good. You’ve probably heard someone say “Don’t quit your day job.” somewhere along the way. While sometimes this gets interpreted as “Your dream isn’t worth it” or “Don’t be stupid,” it actually carries a lot of truth. Why? Because instead of having a strong foundation to build upon, you throw yourself back to square one, with much of your focus being on simple things, like how you are going to pay rent or buy food. This takes your attention away from the more important aspects of your dream.

This becomes even more true when applied to our spiritual walk. We might have a picture of where God is leading us, and even know some of the details, but if we don’t have the foundation, we will find that it takes us so much longer to get where we are going. Wisdom is an important element in understanding and analyzing risk. Waiting for God’s timing when it comes to taking that leap of faith, and leveraging every second up until that point to learn, grow, and prepare, will ultimately result in a much better outcome. So the challenge is this – no matter where you are today, whether moments away from taking that leap of faith or not even knowing what the leap is, keep your eyes focused on Jesus, being content in your current circumstances, and knowing that He is preparing you for success!

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