They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something, anything. When we hear that, we usually think of learning an instrument or learning a second language. But it really applies to everything. Becoming an expert accountant, secretary, or stay-at-home mom all require that investment of time. There is no shortcut. Why? Because being a true expert is not about book knowledge. If that were the case, some people could become experts much quicker. To be a true expert, you have to have experience. There is no shortcut to experience.

To put it in a not so pretty way, becoming an expert takes 10,000 hours, many of which will be spent failing. Think about it. If you want to learn to play the guitar or speak Spanish, most of the first several thousand hours will be spent doing things the wrong way – playing the wrong notes, saying the wrong words. No one has ever picked up an instrument for the very first time and played flawlessly. Only after countless hours of practice do you start to gain some traction. You discover music theory and start to see how the notes relate to each other or finally understand verb conjugation. Things start to click. Nobody likes to mess up, nobody enjoys playing a terrible note on their guitar, but it is necessary. In his book, Quitter, Jon Acuff says,

“Hustle isn’t just doing the things you love all the time. Hustle is doing the things you don’t enjoy sometimes to earn the right to do the things you love.” – Jon Acuff

Those tasks you feel are worthless, not related at all to your ultimate dream, those moments you think, “Man! I wish I would have known this earlier!”, those are the moments that contain so much hidden value for the journey ahead. You don’t have to understand why things are the way they are, you have to trust. Trust God to use every aspect of your life to grow you toward your full potential! So look around, what you have might not look like what you dream, but any situation can be used to propel you INTO your dream. Be encouraged today to take advantage of whatever situation you find yourself in and leverage it for good!

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