Have you ever played out an entire scenario of how a situation would go in your head before it ever happened? Yeah all of us have. Most of the time the scenarios are either a dreamland of everything lining up perfectly or they are a nightmare straight out of a movie. Most of us play out the worst case scenario in our heads and it keeps us from even trying. It is all because we fear the unknowns of life. These unknown outcomes keep so many of us trapped in a life where we always know exactly what to expect. We keep doing the same thing because we know what the outcome will always be.

Growing up if I ever went out to eat I always got the same thing. It did not matter if I was at a steak place or a Mexican restaurant I always ordered fried chicken strips and some kind of potato. It was always a safe choice. I knew I would enjoy it. It is hard to mess up. One day I built up enough courage to try something different and you know what I actually liked what I tried. Then I decided to keep trying different food and now I enjoy so many different types of food. From steaks to sushi. From asparagus to eating at a restaurant where the chef cooks me whatever he wants. All because I pushed past what was known and safe for me and into the unknown. This translates into even bigger choices in life.

How about that job you have? Is it safe and you know exactly what to expect but you know you have aspirations for something more. How about asking that girl to marry you. Put aside all the unknowns in your future as long as you know you are with the right person you can get through anything? How about having kids? I know that is a scary one. There are so many unknowns with having children but don’t let the fear keep you from the blessings of being a parent. The interesting thing is that when you step out into an unknown it forces you to trust the one knows everything.

When you push through the fear of all the unknowns in life and focus on trusting God with your life it gets easier. Your threshold for risk increases. You let God control your life. It because obvious to all those people around you that fear is not your master. Don’t let the fear of the unknow keep you from experiencing the best life God has for you. What decision do you need to make where you don’t have all the answers? Prepare as much as you can but there has to be a time when you take the first step out into the unpredictable and unknown and into an extraordinary life.


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