I have made some stupid choices in my life. I am sure you can look back on some things you had done in your past and think I could have destroyed my future making that decision. We can all agree that making stupid choices will land you in jail or on a major detour in life. That is obvious. But what about choosing between good choices. You are at a cross road in life and both paths lead to good places. Both paths will help you meet your goals. Both paths anyone one would love to just have one but you have two good paths. It is so easy to think you can mess your life up. You know like one wrong move and my life will be upside down. One wrong step I have moved away from God perfect plan for my life. I have heard this from people in relationships.

You know that God has one perfect person out there for me kind of stuff. If I chose the wrong person and it will be the wrong life for me. Sure if you choose a terrible person it will be a terrible life for you. That is not what I am talking about. I’m talking about you meet someone who is one the same page with you on all the important things in life and you have to decide if they are perfect enough for the unrealistic dream you created for yourself. Here is the deal if you want what God wants for your life it is hard to mess it up.

You can not mess up your life if you focus your attention on honoring God with your life. So ditch this idea in the back of your head. This idea keeps us stuck. Go out and live life. Stop it with the excuses. Point your life in the direction of Jesus and say yes to the opportunities God puts in front of you. When you get to choose between two amazing choices know you can not mess it up. Make your choice and don’t look back. You can’t mess it up!

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