Everyone gets somewhere in life but very few of us get there on purpose. I get this statement. I believe this statement. I love a good plan. But how do we manage that our plan may not be God’s plan? How do we have a 10 year plan and stay true to following God’s plan for our lives? How do we live the life God wants us to live and plan for the future?

I am currently trying to get somewhere on purpose and I am asking myself all of these questions. I have made some great plans and have a great vision for my life. I want what God wants, I think. I have been working hard to practice being present in the now and still have an eye out for where I am going. It’s funny that in the past the 10 year destination would get me more excited than my current circumstances. I think most of us want to write our 10 year plan in permanent markers when we should actually write it in lead pencil and have eraser marks on the page from constant revisions.

I am learning that God never intended for us to be able to predict the future. If we can then we are in control. We are the king of our lives if we can make our future happen. Sure we should have a direction and not aimlessly stumble through life. Here is the deal. Make a great plan. Work through all the big picture direction stuff but be ready to let God direct you. Be willing to jump down a path you never saw coming. Be ready to let go of the plans you made for yourself. Be open minded enough to make a shift in your perspective. When you are following Jesus you will have to actually follow him even if he takes you where you never expected. 10 year plans are good but following Jesus is better.

“You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.” – Proverbs 19:21

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