I find myself lately saying to a lot of people, “No way you could have written this story for yourself!” No way you could have sat down 5 years ago and written out all the things that are going on in your life. I love hearing a good story. The best stories are where you had no idea what the outcome would be. Those stories that have an unexpected twist. Those are the best! Everyone of us has a story. Everyone of us has had an unexpected twist in our lives. It could have been a voluntary change we made for ourselves or an involuntary change that was handed to us and we had no say. Regardless of how the twist happened they happen for all of us but it is what you with the change that makes a great story.

Everyone of us handle twists in different ways. For some of us change is an evil word. The twist brings anger, bitterness, hate and hardships to those who struggle with change. We grow bitter toward the people and circumstances that have caused us to move away from the life we had planned. The pain you feel in your heart every time you have to discuss the twist is like someone is driving a stake in your heart and you become angry. The twist you did not see coming is the one that takes the air out of your lungs and cause life to get harder than it was the day before. Some of us handle change like this but some of us look at change from a whole different perspective.

When the twist comes to the story of some people they see it as an opportunity for adventure. The twist brings excitement, challenge, opportunity and a reason to have faith. When change comes to these people their eyes light up with excitement of the unknown. They approach life as if they are standing at the foot of a mountain as they begin to scale its face. When the twist happens for these people they are holding on to their life so loosely that they see change as an opportunity to do something amazing. An opportunity to learn and grow. An opportunity to become better. An opportunity to step into the unknown of life and really workout their faith. To take what they believe and put it into action. The twist produces a story they could never write for themselves.

I don’t know what you are going through today but let me ask you which group are you in? Has life happened to you and turned you bitter? Has things changed and caused you to harden your heart so you don’t get hurt again? Do you feel like you have been kicked in the stomach by life and you are struggling to find relief? If this is you know you have a choice to make. A choice to see your life as a beautiful story you could not write for yourself or a story with a bad ending. I hope you see the twist in your life as something you didn’t plan but it is better than you could have planned anyway.

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