Change happens if we like it or not. I love technology and I don’t believe there is any other market that has more change happening on a weekly basis. What is hot one week is old the next. Someone creates an amazing app and millions of people download it. Then someone else comes along and makes some improvements then puts out a better app. One great example of this is that there is an app called Vine. It was really cool in 2013! There were people who were average people who became “Vine Famous.” Vine is a video sharing app. You make a 12 second video, post it, people like it and comment on it. One of my friends Erich Sandersfeld (@esandersfeld) had a post that was played over 100,000 times. He became “Vine Famous” for a few days.  It’s pretty funny check it out here. But as cool as Vine was another more widely used app called instagram released video uploading to its services and almost overnight you could feel the brakes being pushed on Vine. Instagram keeps adding users and less and less people use Vine. Change happened to Vine. It was involuntary change from an outside source.

None of us can control life. It is way more exciting to go with what happens and not be so uptight about change. Change is going to happen. It will devastate you if you are not willing to accept the change and try to add some services to accept the changing times just like instagram did.

I am in one of those seasons in my life where I am trying to add some services and not let unexpected changes keep me from living an exciting life. We can all agree that no one likes being handed changes we did not want for ourselves but lets look at it as an opportunity to grow. After all the changes did not catch God by surprise. He knew it would happen and he has a plan. Take time to grow and learn when change happens to you. Complaining doesn’t help. Move on and add some skills to your life.

God cares more about who you are becoming than what you are doing!

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