Community sets us up to thrive not just survive.

Most of the apex predators or those near the top of the food chain are pack animals. These animals may be ferocious hunters but on their own they will just survive. Lions form social groups called prides. These prides live life together, hunt together, eat together and protect each other. Lions thrive because of the strength of their pride. Community keeps the lion as one of the fittest animals on the planet.

When we realize that the fittest is not an individual, but a group of people made individually stronger by one another, suddenly survival looks totally different. Community makes the difference for us too. When you have a group of people doing life with you, your life moves from surviving to thriving.  We need people in our life to live at our highest capacity.

If you read through the Bible you see this was the model for the Church. Not just going to a building each week but a community of people doing life together. Not just singing songs together but a community on the mission of making disciples. I think this is one of the reasons why the church has been in decline in the US for years. We need to be more like the pride of lions. A pack of people thriving in a healthy community that eats together, prays together, studies the bible together, serves each other, and reaches those who do not know Jesus together. If you are not in a small community of people who do life with you it is time to find one. You may have to start one. We would love to help help you start a life giving community that points people to Jesus.

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