About Connect

Connect Movement is a move of God throughout Middle Tennessee and around the world. Our vision is to connect people to people and people to God through life-giving community in Jesus.

How It Works //

Connect Movement is made up of Connect Communities that meet weekly in homes, coffee shops, gyms, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. These groups gather to simply do life together by eating, watching a Connect video, discussing, and growing together. Each month, every Connect Community in the same geographic region come together for a celebration to share together, serve the community together, and worship God.

What We Believe //

At the foundation of Connect Movement are four main beliefs. There are so many minor issues that divide The Church and we are choosing not let those differences keep us from the mission Jesus has for us. We believe that if people can unite around these four beliefs, they can work together as followers of Jesus.

– We believe the Bible is God’s word.
– We believe there is only one true God.
– We believe Jesus is who He says he is.
– We believe that faith in Jesus is enough.

Who We Are //

Paul Kevetter

Lead Pastor

For the past 15 years, Paul has been involved in virtually all sizes and types of ministry, from small church plants to mega-churches. Through this experience, he has seen a desire growing within people for real, life-giving community.

Jameson Runnels

Creative Pastor

Jameson has worked as a professional film producer and musician for over 10 years. He has produced multiple award-winning short films, music videos, and other visual media projects, and toured with several bands. His passion is using creativity and technology to connect people and point them to a higher purpose for their life.

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