Involuntary Change

Change happens if we like it or not. I love technology and I don’t believe there is any other market that has more change happening on a weekly basis. What is hot one week is old the next. Someone creates an amazing app and millions of people download it. Then someone else comes along and […]

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The Best Stories

I find myself lately saying to a lot of people, “No way you could have written this story for yourself!” No way you could have sat down 5 years ago and written out all the things that are going on in your life. I love hearing a good story. The best stories are where you […]

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The 10-Year Plan

Everyone gets somewhere in life but very few of us get there on purpose. I get this statement. I believe this statement. I love a good plan. But how do we manage that our plan may not be God’s plan? How do we have a 10 year plan and stay true to following God’s plan […]

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