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Involuntary Change

Change happens if we like it or not. I love technology and I don’t believe there is any other market that has more change happening on a weekly basis. What is hot one week is old the next. Someone creates an amazing app and millions of people download it. Then someone else comes along and […]

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The Best Stories

I find myself lately saying to a lot of people, “No way you could have written this story for yourself!” No way you could have sat down 5 years ago and written out all the things that are going on in your life. I love hearing a good story. The best stories are where you […]

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The 10-Year Plan

Everyone gets somewhere in life but very few of us get there on purpose. I get this statement. I believe this statement. I love a good plan. But how do we manage that our plan may not be God’s plan? How do we have a 10 year plan and stay true to following God’s plan […]

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Mess Up Your Life

I have made some stupid choices in my life. I am sure you can look back on some things you had done in your past and think I could have destroyed my future making that decision. We can all agree that making stupid choices will land you in jail or on a major detour in […]

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We can probably all agree that as a culture we are more consumed than ever with what people think of us. Thanks to technology and “social” media, many people, especially the younger generations, spend nearly every waking moment of their lives somehow tied to not only their community of close friends, but the entire world. […]

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