Risk Your Life – Week 5

Have you ever chosen comfort or security over opportunity because you were afraid of what might happen? We all have. Join us this for Week 5 of our “Risk Your Life” series and learn how to get out of the boat and give the impossible a chance!

Discussion //

– When Paul ask you what are the top three dreams you have for yourself what was one of those dreams?

– There are two types of change voluntary and involuntary. What is one of the biggest changes in your life and which type of change was it?

– God is always nudging us toward trusting him more with our lives. How does it make you feel that you never really make it in life you are always a work in progress?

– Are you in the harbor or out in the water? Are you in the boat or out on the water? What will it take to get you out in the open ocean?

– How can we help each other have more out of the boat experiences?

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